Counselling, Hypnotherapy & Brainspotting
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Whatever challenges you are experiencing or areas that you would like to explore and improve your experience and abilities therapy can give you the foundation, tools and perspectives to access what you need to achieve what you need to do.

Counselling will give you a space to express, explore, reflect and reframe within a safe and compassionate space or you want to go deeper and work with transformative processes for deeper seated issues or needs, I work with whatever level that suits you in the present moment.
I also use Hypnotherapy, Brainspotting and TRE

I work with Trauma, Addiction, Anxiety and Relationships in particular.
If you have anxiety, trauma, things in your life that overwhelm you and that get in the way of how you want to, and need to live your life ... there is hope and extremely effective approaches to build inner and outer resources. A foundation for recovery and empowerment. I have a deep appreciation through my own journey of the value of safety, of being valued, supported and deeply listened to.