About Me

Background, training, approach and development.

Background and Training

In my developmental and teenage years I experienced significant developmental trauma while also having being born with a very deep curiosity. I also had a conviction and unstoppable determination to both recover from and understand the nature of psychological crisis, rediscovering the empowerment, confidence and the skills I was born with that became overshadowed by cripplingly low self esteem, amongst other problems.
At times it felt like there were just too many obstacles to be overcome and I was often told that trauma experienced would never be overcome and we just have to 'learn to live with the past'!!.
Fortunately, I never actually believed this, despite the times of despair and I continued on always discovering new things, new perspectives and over time gradually discovered what lay at the roots of my deep and well established trauma.

Along this path I studied NLP, attained a qualification in Counselling, A diploma in Clincial Hypnotherapy, studied trauma, began a training in Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), qualified to practise Brainspotting and currently starting a foundation course in Non Violent Communication (NVC).
In this journey one of the biggest breakthroughs has been understanding trauma and through the practise of TRE, releasing my held trauma and being able to feel calmness and grounding in my body after so many of years of never feeling that. I also completed an 18 month training Tantra.
Through this journey I have come to understand the value and importance of safety in both the process of recovery and as it allows the rebuilding of self respect, self value, self compassion and self confidence. And how all of these things when established within the self can then be given to others so changing permanently the process of relating to others and how they relate to one's self.

Approach & Development

Background and experience inevitably influence approach and provide invaluable experience of what is important when it comes to providing a space for healing and recovery. In my experience this has emerged from a lack of feeling safe, not feeling anyone could listen to all of me without judging and being accepted and valued regardless of how dysfunctional or useless I felt.
It took a long time for me to trust anyone enough to open up and share myself and as a therapist that is want I want to be able to offer to people.
I also work with observation, intuition and awareness that derives from spiritual experiences that I have had in my life. I am not religeous and my approach to things spiritual has only ever been focused in direct experience.
I also work with diet and how health in the body supports health in the mind.

In terms of development I am continuing my training in TRE and feel that the continuing and deepening of understanding of trauma and how the body interacts with the brain is an essential foundation to successful therapy.
The grounding, self regulation and presence that comes from continuing to release my own tension and trauma result in being able to be more present and therefore more able to hold a safe and focused presence for my clients.
I am continually studying and expanding my understanding of healing and recovery and as well as pursuing a full accreditation in Brainspotting I am interested in NVC, Human Givens, Comprehensive Resource Model and Internal Family Systems.
I also assist on a monthly TRE workshop In Glastonbury that I helped to set up and we are devloping the format and scope of the workshop over time to be able to bring in new dimensions and options for people to work with releasing trauma and work with grounding and safety.